Protac Ball Cushion® – Square

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Protac Ball Cushion® is a seat cushion designed to stimulate the senses and encourage a good sitting posture. A small change in position will cause the internal balls to shift, moving the centre of gravity, and prompting the user to sit up straighter. Repeated use helps strengthen core muscles, providing a better sitting position and relieving pressure on the back.

The Ball Cushion Square® is a variation on the standard cushion that offers a more stable base. The square cushion provides the balls in 4 separate sections, which may be more suited for children with severe balance problems as movement is reduced.

The cushion can be used on most chairs and is the ideal solution for anyone who finds it difficult to sit still and concentrate. Suitable for both children and adults, Protac Ball Cushion® helps to:

  • Improve physical well-being by relieving restlessness
  • Improve balance by strengthening the core
  • Improve concentration and learning

Protac Ball Cushion® is machine washable and the cover is made from 100% polyester.

Recommended by professionals

Therapists and professionals have seen positive results when using the cushion to work on improving balance.


6-year-old girl with ADHD

Has difficulty concentrating and sitting still on a chair. She often sits on her knees on the chair, or lies on the table twisting and turning her body. Observed effect of the Protac Ball Cushion® - from the first day, the girl can sit more calmly. After a few days, it is evident that she can both concentrate for a longer period and sit quietly on her chair. Now she no longer lies on the table. The girl can even sense that the ball-cushion is doing her good. When she arrives in the morning, she is usually the first to sit in her seat. Should she play on the computer or sit somewhere other than usual, she brings her chair and ball-cushion with her.

2 boys with severe motor unrest

The pediatric therapist places the ball cushion on the seat of the chair as well as under their feet. It has a surprisingly positive effect on the boys' sitting position, on their ability to sit still and on their concentration. The school uses the Protac Ball Blanket® during the classroom teaching, at lunchtime, as well as during the activities where the children must sit still and focus their attention on the task.


Size Guide

The Protac Ball Cushion® is available in two sizes of plastic balls, 38mm or 25mm. The cushions with the larger balls provide the greatest pressure and therefore offer stronger sensory stimulation. The smaller balls provide a softer pressure, which is better suited to those who are smaller in stature, weigh less or are particularly sensitive to stimulation.

Colour Ranges


  • Aqua
  • Dark grey
  • Dusty green

Colours are a guide only and may vary due to limitations of the print process.
Material samples are available upon request. Colour range may change without prior notice, we try to colour match where possible.