Protac Granulate Blanket®

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Protac Granulate Blanket® is known to alleviate sleep disorders and motor restlessness in children, adults and the elderly. The blanket is divided into pockets, each of which is filled with granulate. Using granulate avoids heat transfer, and distributing it across the blanket allows for a relatively even supply of weight and pressure, whilst enabling focus on a particular area. The pressure from the granulate provides a sense of grounding, offering a calm experience and increasing body awareness.

The granulate blanket is ideal for people who suffer from dementia, chronic pain, or who need an alternative form of sensory stimulation. It can be used during the day to unwind and calm the mind or used at night to help with the relief of sleep problems.

Suitable for use in a variety of settings such as nurseries, schools, private homes, residential and hospitals, Protac Granulate Blanket®:

  • Increases body awareness
  • Has a calming effect
  • Helps to promote a good nights’ sleep
  • Thus, providing more energy through the day

The blanket comes in cotton or flame retardant material and is machine washable.

Recommended by professionals

Therapists and professionals use the Protac Ball Blanket® as a tool for sensory stimulation. It is ideal for use in sensory integration rooms and for schools with children that have additional needs.


13-year-old girl with ADHD and OCD

"Our daughter has had problems sleeping since infancy. Throughout the years, it has been blamed on colic and ear problems, but no treatments have helped. After starting medication for ADHD, a year ago, her sleep has most certainly not improved, and there have been many sleepless nights for our little family. The only treatment we have been offered is sleeping pills, which I would prefer not to give my child. After we did a bit of our own research, we found that we could try different types of specially designed blankets. Initially with no noticeable difference - until one day we were introduced to the Protac Granulate Blanket®. We tried it without great expectations, but after a few days we found that it made a huge difference for our daughter. She now falls asleep much faster and if she wakes up during the night, she can now calm herself enough to fall asleep again. Where she previously asked us to stay with her when she went to bed, it now occurs that she asks us to leave, so she can sleep. Throughout the years it has been a nightmare every evening at bedtime, and we really enjoy that she can now go to bed and fall asleep. It has been beneficial for the whole family, so we now all get a much better night's sleep. It also affects our energy and mood during the day. It is still upsetting that, for economic reasons, the municipality would rather 'fill our children' with medicine than provide the financial support for the Protac Ball Blanket® that can help children with sleep problems become calm enough to feel their natural fatigue."


Size Guide

The blankets are available in weights of 3.5 – 5.5kg and are either 140 x 200cm or 140 x 220cm in size. There are two options available – the flexible version is lighter and has removable compartments, while the 5 – 5.5kg versions are fixed.