Protac GroundMe®

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Protac GroundMe® is a footstool and seating cushion that stimulates the senses, providing a sense of grounding for those that find it difficult to sit still and concentrate due to experiencing motor restlessness. This helps provide a calming environment, where a child can concentrate on learning.

Suitable for both children and adults, the design of the cushion offers ongoing stimulation to the tactile and proprioceptive senses, which helps to:

  • Calm restless feet
  • Promote a good sitting posture
  • Increase grounding
  • Promote concentration
  • Support learning

The cover (with balls inside) is machine washable and should be washed using the enclosed wash bag. For daily cleaning, you can use a damp, soapy cloth or alcohol wipe.

GroundMe® works well when paired with the Protac Ball Cushion®.

Recommended by professionals

Therapists and professionals also use the foot cushion as a motor development tool for training children, such as for the exercising of balance and coordination skills on an obstacle course.


9-year-old girl with ADHD

The girl uses Protac GroundMe® for homework and meals, as she has difficulty sitting still and being present in these situations: "I notice that her behavior becomes calmer, and she is more present when she uses the foot cushion. For once, she sits properly on the chair, where she typically is extremely restless and sometimes must give up on eating the meal as she cannot remain seated on the chair. The foot cushion provides her enough calmness to stick with what she is doing."

High maintenance boy in school

"The boy tries The Protac Ball Cushion® on a high-chair and it helps him to sit more calmly. Then he is also given the Protac GroundMe® under his feet, which helps him become significantly more attentive, calmer and allows him to follow along with what is happening around the table."

Two boys with motor unrest in school

"We have two boys who especially benefit from the foot cushion. They concentrate better and can finish an entire melting beads design, which they otherwise never do. We also use Protac GroundMe® for assembly, which always takes place on the floor. When they sit on the GroundMe® cushion, they can remain seated with the rest of us, without having to run around, and they participate more actively."


Size Guide

Protac GroundM® has a foam base, with plastic balls enclosed in an elastic cover on the top. Straps on each side make it easy to move around and hang up when not in use. The cover is 100% Polyester.

GroundMe® is available in two sizes, 10cm high and 20cm high, to match the needs of the user.

Colour Ranges


  • Aqua
  • Dark grey
  • Lime

Colours are a guide only and may vary due to limitations of the print process.
Material samples are available upon request. Colour range may change without prior notice, we try to colour match where possible.