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Protac KneedMe® is a blanket that is designed to cover the knees, thighs and abdomen. The blanket is divided into channels, each containing several small balls. The weight of these balls helps with motor restlessness, increasing body awareness, giving a sense of peace and security. This makes it an ideal solution for those people who experience hyperactivity or restless leg syndrome.

There is a large pocket on the top of the blanket, meaning the person can use their hands to search and manipulate the balls for sensory stimulation. The bottom of the blanket is made from a non-slip material, meaning it will stay on the knees once placed. The blanket is perfect for use with wheelchairs, armchairs or for seated activities.

Suitable for use in a variety of settings such as schools, sensory rooms, private homes and residential homes, Protac KneedMe®:

  • Improves physical well-being by relieving restlessness
  • Improves concentration and learning
  • Improves cooperation and engagement with others

The blanket is machine washable. The cover and ball bag should be washed separately, and we recommend using the supplied laundry bag for the ball bag.

Recommended by professionals

Therapists and professionals use Protac KneedMe® as a motor development tool for people who find it difficult to concentrate or maintain focus. It has been seen to have a positive impact with cognitive training, hand therapy and activities of daily living (ADL) training among other things.


8-year-old boy with autism

“The boy has a great degree of physical unrest and runs around a lot. He has difficulty sitting quietly and listening or doing activities. Sensory-wise, he has tactile defensiveness, sensory seeking behavior and poor body awareness. He is generally fond of deep touch-pressure, and techniques such as brushing. He also wears a Protac MyFit® ball-vest a few times during the school day. He even requests the Protac KneedMe® knee blanket when the class has assembly. He sits down on a stool with the blanket over his lap and participates in a discussion about ‘what’s happening today’ - more focused than usual. With the knee-blanket, he can sit for 20-30 minutes on the couch, alone with a book or with another student. He never did that before he got the knee-blanket.”

12-year-old-boy with motor unrest

“The Protac KneedMe® knee blanket has provided him with the calmness he needs to be able to sit at the table during meals both at school and at home. In the past, he had to get up when he became restless and often did not finish eating. In general, he is in a better mood now and has more energy too when relating to his classmates. He can better manage choosing between activities as well as the choices that the staff give him when he becomes anxious and restless.”


Size Guide

The Protac KneedMe® is available in one size (64 x 48cm) with a removable outer cover.

Colour Ranges


  • Aqua
  • Dark grey
  • Lime

Colours are a guide only and may vary due to limitations of the print process.
Material samples are available upon request. Colour range may change without prior notice, we try to colour match where possible.