Postural Seating

Whether for home or school, good posture is at the heart of our special needs chairs.

Good posture is crucial in so many ways and our paediatric seating range offers some huge benefits:

  • Correctly fitted special needs chairs help children focus on their school work or tasks at home
  • Helps children to join in with their friends
  • By easing pressure on the digestive system, there is less risk of pain and discomfort when eating
  • By reducing the stress and strain of poor posture, children can physically and mentally relax
  • All of the above can lead to a happier, more confident child.

Every child is unique and special and many of our products can be tailored to fit specific needs. Don’t be afraid to ask us about customising our products for your child.

We’re delighted to have recently introduced pressure care relief technology in partnership with Levitex to our range of postural support seating and changing benches.

Take a look at our range of special needs chairs and call us today with any questions – our friendly customer support team are here to help.

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