Standing Frames

The importance of standers is sometimes underrated especially when sitting or lying is more comfortable.

But standing with Smirthwaite standers has a number of benefits, including:

  • Joint development.
  • Mid-line symmetry.
  • Body and shoulder stability leading to better head control.
  • Helping children to join in with friends on an equal level.
  • Helping children to feel more grown-up and confident.
  • Physical and social development.

Maintaining comfort whilst standing is an essential element of your child’s therapy and educational programme.  Our products offer increased comfort and support by providing soft and padded support bands and knees supports etc.

Every child is unique and special and many of our products can be tailored to fit specific needs. Don’t be afraid to ask us about customising our products for your child.

Take a look at our range of standers and call us today with any questions – our friendly customer support team are here to help.

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