Sensory Integration

Sensory toys and equipment add more than fun to a child’s life

Sensory toys are also important in:

• improving behaviour
• developing better balance
• understanding and refining the senses
• improving confidence

You can make sensory sessions enjoyable and develop motor-coordination, core balance and social skills at the same time.

Using our frames and swings, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation can also be achieved.

To find out how you could enrich your home or workplace with our range of sensory toys and equipment please get in touch and we will be happy to explore options with you.

Try before you buy

If you are a school or nursery with an OT we can offer play day trials where we can bring a range of equipment to your school for your kids to try before you purchase. If you are interested in this please contact us.

Get in Touch

Did you know that we are also design and install bespoke sensory environments with our leading paediatric equipment?

We provide a professional, customised, flexible and reliable sensory environments complete with a range of paediatric products. Our skilled sensory designers use data gathered in the initial consultation to design a sensory experience that seamlessly fits any size of sensory space. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each sensory room, ensuring meticulous attention to detail for a flawless sensory setup that maximises well-being and therapeutic benefits.

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