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Therapy education plays a central role in helping children to keep active, manage symptoms and recover from illness or injury.

We can provide therapy equipment suitable for many different types of therapy, helping children to unlock their potential and maximise their development.

We specialise in Therapy Education but can tailor products to suit a wide variety of therapies.

So what is Therapy Education?

It is a holistic system of learning (hence education) for children and adults with neurological motor disorders which affects their ability to control movement and which can also cause a wide range of developmental difficulties. As well as motor difficulties, a further implications of damage to the central nervous system most likely will affect their social, communication and problem solving skills as well as their confidence. Conductive Education was initially developed for the needs of children with cerebral palsy although nowadays it is used to help all age group children and adults with other neurological disorders such as Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, strokes and head injuries.

Therapy Education is an active and open lifelong approach for many children and adults that helps them living with their disabilities without fighting against them. It is a method of learning their own ways of doing ‘things’ and how to facilitate and manage their difficulties in a socially inclusive environment and then at any further stage of their lives.

The impact of Therapy Education can be seen not only in the improvement of their motor skills and functions but also in the development of their individual personalities and when they feel more positive about their future to lead independent, fulfilled lives at home, school or work.

Therapy Education it is not a cure – it is a long term process that can transform lives of many who with support of their families and friends are willing to stay committed, determined and motivated. Its ultimate goal is to allow them achieving their full potential in everyday situations today as well as in the future.

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