Protac SenSit® Nature

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Protac SenSit Nature® is a sensory-stimulating chair that combines the calming effects of Protac SenSit® with the benefits of spending time outdoors. The chair is filled with balls, helping provide a greater body awareness, ensuring the user feels grounded and comfortable. The chair comes complete with wings, which can be wrapped around the body, cocooning the user, and bringing a sense of security and calm.

Suitable for use by both children and adults, Protac SenSit® Nature allows users to gain all the benefits of Protac SenSit®, whilst also reaping the benefits of fresh are and nature:

  • Envelops the user
  • Increases body awareness
  • Sooths and relaxes
  • Increases sense of security
  • Enables change in positions
  • Ensures a comfortable sitting position

The cover is made of a flame retardant material and is machine washable, although we recommend using a wet cloth or alcohol wipes for daily cleaning. Protac SenSit® Nature is made of a durable, waterproof, and windproof material, and has taped seams and zippers making it suitable for most weather conditions. It is supplied with a rain cover for storage when not in use.

Recommended by professionals

Protac SenSit® Nature is used by professionals and therapists in sensory rooms, multi-sensory environments and in therapy and treatment rooms. It has been found to have a positive calming effect for children who are over-stimulated and need grounding.


Children group with socio-emotional challenges

"The children quickly established a cozy space around the Protac SenSit® chair, which was explored and tried out with curiosity by all the children. They found it comfortable to sit in, either alone or with their best friend. Even the most restless children calmed down in the chair and enjoyed being cuddled with its wings around them. The chair allowed them to have a gathering place and a steady, safe, base outdoors."


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