We are delighted to have launched a new selection of moving and handling products to its comprehensive range of paediatric equipment.

Part of the Prism Healthcare family, we are able to offer products from one of its sister companies who are a highly trusted moving and handling manufacturer in the UK.

The moving and handling equipment in this range is designed to make moving in care as safe and comfortable as possible for both the child/young adult and the carers. There are a variety of types available including slings, overhead hoists, and showering facilities.

This leading versatile and cost-effective equipment is designed to be used in schools, hospitals and a range of other professional healthcare settings as well as home; each product is durable and built to withstand frequent use.

To provide customers with extra peace of mind, Smirthwaite’s team of technical experts work with occupational therapist to advise on the most suitable moving and handling equipment; they also provide regular maintenance checks to ensure all equipment conforms to the latest health and safety standards.

To find out more about the new Moving and Handling equipment at Smirthwaite take a read of our brochure here or contact our friendly customer support team on 01626 835552