Sensory Room Design

We provide professional, customised, flexible and reliable sensory environments complete with a range of paediatric products. Skilled sensory designers at Smirthwaite use data gathered in the initial consultation and their expertise to design a sensory experience that seamlessly fits any size of sensory space.

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each sensory room, ensuring meticulous attention to detail for a flawless sensory setup that maximises well-being and therapeutic benefits.

Our team of seasoned sensory experts will attentively listen to your requirements, taking into account every aspect in designing your custom sensory room. By understanding your objectives and sensory environment needs, we can provide a tailored sensory solution that surpasses your expectations.

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We’ve been designing and manufacturing bespoke paediatric sensory equipment since 1986. Respected throughout the industry for our technical expertise and committed to continuous improvement, our sensory products are proudly manufactured to exacting Made In Britain standards.

From custom padding solutions to creatively themed rooms, we can bring your multi-sensory visions to life. Our innovative sensory solutions merge occupational therapy and sensory education to craft immersive spaces fostering learning, relaxation, and engagement.

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Sensory Room Installation

With our extensive sensory experience, we’ve perfected the process for a seamless, quick, and hassle-free installation.

Working in collaboration with Prism Medical, we’re able to provide highly trusted moving and handling products that further aids inclusivity.

Our team is available and adaptable –  we’ll accommodate your schedule to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Our specialised installation team is qualified, experienced, and background-checked, guaranteeing the safe and effective creation of your sensory room.

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Maintaining a well-kept sensory room not only enriches the user experience but also prolongs the lifespan of your valuable equipment. Let us help you preserve the magic of your sensory space effortlessly.

Our support extends beyond installation, with top-notch after-sales service to keep your equipment in top condition.

Our maintenance package offers maintenance visits and on-site support to ensure peace of mind. All products purchased come with a standard 2-year warranty. In this time, any repairs (except those relating to misuse) will be free!

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We believe in well-made products that are easy to use and, importantly, can stand the test of time. Bold, bright and beautiful – are three words that describe our bespoke products.

Our products are high-quality, durable and user-friendly. Our cutting-edge sensory products blend the knowledge of occupational therapists and sensory education professionals to create sensory environments that foster learning and engagement.

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