The Prism Healthcare Group is well prepared for a ‘No Deal Brexit’.  Our supply chain and manufacturing are predominantly UK based, and whilst we expect there may be some minor fluctuations in supply we will do our utmost to manage and absorb these events to minimise the impact on our customers and their clients.

Supply Chain

  • Our UK manufacturing sites; Rhyl, Exeter, Bridgend, Rotherham and Sunderland with a largely local supply chain ensure we have significant stocks or access to stocks held in the UK.
  • We anticipate that there may be minor delays at customs for our imported components while new border controls are implemented.  We have placed additional orders for all imported goods in order to increase stock levels above normal levels to create a buffer against any delays.
  • We are also negotiating with key UK suppliers who may themselves rely on imported goods, to get them to hold additional stocks on behalf of ourselves and their other customers.
  • For our maintenance services business we hold large stocks of parts; both for our own products and supported 3rd party stocks.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory affairs

  • We anticipate a change in the regulatory affairs landscape as we move out of the transition period and beyond. We are positioned to respond quickly to this requirement as it crystallises.
  • We are appointing an EU legal representative to support MDR & already have a responsible person with registered with the MRHA.
  • All Prism Group products are currently registered with the MHRA.
  • We will continue to provide; labelling, accreditation and registration to support the relevant authority.

International Customers

  • We utilise experienced freight forwarders for our international commercial activity and they advise that some border delays will be inevitable until the new border & customs systems stabilise.  Unfortunately these events are beyond our control and may result in minor delays.
  • Those customers who utilise INCO ‘Ex Works’ should liaise with their freight forwarder.  We will ensure that the correct documentation is available to accompany shipping.
  • WTO trade tariffs on our types of equipment for importing into non EU countries are in most cases zero, and on the remainder quite low.

We will continue to work with our; customers, supply chain partners, senior leadership team and external advisors to ensure a smooth transition.  Should you require any additional information or clarity, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your ongoing support.