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Every child is different. Strato provides maximum adjustability to meet both the needs of the child and the education environment. Strato’s seat, lumbar prompt, armrests and footrest, all provides a wide range of adjustments without the need for tools e.g. the gas assisted height adjustment. The special needs school chair also has an easy to read adjustment indicator to record user settings.

Strato is an innovative classroom chair designed for children and young people from 2 years to young adults who are able to get in and out of their chair independently, but require minimal to moderate postural support when seated.

The uniquely contoured seat tilts forward to encourage anterior tilt of the pelvis for improved hip stability as well as trunk and lower limb alignment. The design based on the concept of ‘straddle’ not ‘saddle’, also aims to enhance function and cognitive development.

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Size Guide:

MeasurementSize 1Size 2Size +2Size -3Size 3Size 4Size 5
Seat depth (mm)220260260300300350400
Seat width (mm)250290290370370450450
Seat Height (mm)270-400270-400335-435335-435385-525385-525465-635
Seat angle (º)0-150-150-150-150-150-150-15
Distance between arms (mm)240-300300-360300-360370-470370-470420-550440-550
Arm rest height (mm)120-160120-160120-160170-230170-230170-230170-230
Arm rest angle (º)+12 to -12+12 to -12+12 to -12+12 to -12+12 to -12+12 to -12+12 to -12
Seat to footrest height (mm)180-280180-280270-350270-350270-350330-420400-500
Footprint width x length (mm)400 x 490400 x 490550 x 650550 x 650550 x 650550 x 650670 x 660
Max user weight (kg)40408080808090
Product weight (kg)1313.521.521.521.52223

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