Universal Sling


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One of the most popular full body slings, providing safe, supportive and easy transfers. Its split leg design offers high levels of support and ease of toileting. The range provides options for various fabrics to ensure the sling fits perfectly to each individual, whether they have some mobility impairment or require full body and head support.

An easy to fit and very supportive full body sling which can be used in a divided leg or cross over position. It provides the child or young adult with a feeling of comfort and safety as well as an unobstructed view to help them assist in their own transfer. This sling is suitable for those with good head control.

Material & Colours
  • Made from spacer material, this sling is easy to apply and is compatible with all hoists that use hook and loop spreader bar systems e.g. the Smirthwaite 130 Mobile Hoist or the Smirthwaite CP130 Portable Track Hoist.
  • The spacer material has been designed to provide added comfort to the user as the stretchy material can fit around the individual. This sling is suitable for those who wear slings for extended periods. Available in black, teal or pink.
Features & Benefits
  • Full body support for those who have good head control
  • Versatile, durable and robust
  • Suitable for transfers to and from a sitting position
  • Side straps even weight distribution making the sling more comfortable
  • Quilted leg sections and no binding on outer leg section provide additional comfort
  • Generous commode aperture for toileting
  • Spacer material
  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Additional information


Child, Junior


Black Spacer, Pink Spacer, Aqua Spacer

Size Guide

Sling size (mm)ColourSling WidthUser With Range MinUser Width Range MaxSling BackUser Back Range MinUser Back Range Max
Junior - 3501Black750mm477mm554mm450mm420mm480mm
Child - 3502Black610mm388mm451mm380mm350mm410mm
Junior - 3503Pink750mm477mm554mm450mm420mm480mm
Child 3504Pink610mm388mm451mm380mm350mm410mm
Junior - 3505Aqua Blue750mm477mm554mm450mm420mm480mm
Child - 3506Aqua Blue610mm388mm451mm380mm350mm410mm