Multi-Sensory Room Designs

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Ashbrooke School

Sensory chair


Benefits of Multi-Sensory Rooms

Multi-sensory environments are carefully crafted spaces that aim to empower individuals to overcome sensory challenges. By utilizing natural multisensory stimulation as a means of communication, users across all ability levels can enhance motor skills and boost awareness, focus, and concentration.

These environments provide a secure setting for relaxation, discovery, autonomy, and social interaction. They nurture self-assurance, creativity, and a positive outlook for individuals with special needs and disabilities.

These inclusive spaces serve as contemporary symbols of diversity and can be set up and utilized in various settings.

Why choose us?

Through collaboration with Prism Medical we can create an atmosphere that fosters development, interaction, and overall well-being.

Our products are proudly manufactured to exacting Made In Britain standards.

Comprehensive training, providing you with in-depth knowledge of the sensory environment and products.

Safety and peace of mind; you can rest easy knowing your sensory space will be safe and fully functional for all its users.

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