Welcome to Smirthwaite

We are market leaders in the manufacturing and design of equipment for children and young adults with mild to complex special needs and postural requirements. Our extensive range incorporates products to assist those in the areas of seating, standing, toileting, bathing, changing and showering. We also have ranges dedicated to therapy and sensory integration.

A 24-hour postural management programme is essential to ensuring your child’s posture is maintained at its optimum level. We can offer your child a solution that will support them during the night, our sleep systems for special needs children are customisable, volume adjustable and portable. Available for new born children through to young adults.

Our products are available to buy online or over the telephone. Alternatively, one of our National Product Advisors can give you a free, no-obligation, product demonstration and assessment (must be accompanied by a therapist) for your child. If you are a school or organisation and would like to organise a larger group demonstration or training we can organise this. Simply get in touch and we will be happy to arrange this for you.


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