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Age Guide: 1 Year - Adult
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Asiento has been designed specifically for children, teenagers and adults with moderate to complex needs.

Created to achieve improved postural support and symmetry, the Asiento delivers many benefits to the user and those around them, including:

  • enhanced eye contact and communication
  • improved interaction, breathing and eating
  • greater participation in play and activities

What makes Asiento great?

It’s strong - accessories are attached to the seat’s strong central column making the Asiento robust and sturdy.

Sensory support - the dynamic back is pressure adjustable to provide the desired dynamic movement. This is great for users who require sensory and physical feedback whilst sitting.

Closer contact - the open design of the chassis and pushbike handles allows carers to get close to the backrest. This is especially useful for upper-limb therapy, crossing midline, administering care and calming the user after an epileptic fit or when anxious.

Quiet electric hi-lo Base - with the electric hi-lo base, users can smoothly raise and lower the chair to the desired height with a user-operated remote control. It’s quiet too, helping those who are sensitive to sound.

Easy to use tray - the easy to attach tray sits independently above the armrests and can be positioned separately. The tray can be set at a higher level for users who need more postural support in the upper trunk or to optimise upper limb function.

We’re here to help

Ultimately, the Asiento has been designed to help the user achieve their full potential while increasing their self-esteem and well-being. To gain these benefits, it’s important that the Asiento is correctly fitted, that’s why our customer support team and technical product advisors are here to work with you.

Standard features:
  • Dynamic back
  • Bodypoint harness
  • Electric hi-lo base
  • Highly adjustable

Size Guide

Age Range1-6 years6-12 years12-18 years
Max user weight35kg65kg100kg
Max user height110mm150mm180mm
Back prone angle14°F/38°B14°F/38°B14°F/38°B
Tilt in space15°F/25°B15°F/25°B15°F/25°B
Back rest height280-460mm480-660mm580-760mm
Chest width150-250mm200-340mm280-490mm
Seat width285mm410mm480mm
Seat width between thighs (min-max)150-250mm200-300mm240-480mm
Seat height from floor (min-max)370-620mm hi-lo base370-620mm hi-lo base445-695mm star base
Seat depth (min-max)150-300mm250-400mm330-530mm
Split seat150mm150mm200mm
Lower length seat for footplate150-250mm215-350mm340-490mm
Independent leg length elevation90°F/20°B90°F/20°B90°F/20°B
Thigh guide travel adjustment70mm70mm70mm
Lateral supports travel adjustment60mm80mm100mm
Abduction pad travel adjustment50mm70mm95mm
Adduction pad travel adjustment95mm95mm95mm
Footplate angle90° flip up90° flip up90° flip up
Abduction angle15°15°15°
Adduction angle15°15°15°
Plantarflexion/Dorsiflexion angle45°up/45°down45°up/45°down45°up/45°down
Armrest height (min-max from seat)100-270mm100-270mm100-270mm
Armrest angle45°F/45°B45°F/45°B45°F/45°B
Tray size500x420mm695x580mm695x580mm
Seat weight32.5kg35.5kg38.5kg
Chassis weight20kg hi-lo base20kg hi-lo base17.5kg star base
Head rest lateral movement150mm150mm150mm