Dear customer,

We trust that this message finds you, your teams and families in good health. 

We now find ourselves in a second UK wide lockdown. Like the first one, companies within the Prism group will continue to provide products and services to you and your clients. Our production, office and field engineering teams are now experienced in providing services to those in need, whilst operating within the framework of Covid restrictions and guidance.

The first lockdown resulted in excessive product and service demands on ourselves due to the withdrawal of other suppliers from the market. It is expected that service and supply during this lockdown will be more stable, primarily due to our increased stock levels. To ensure service and supply continuity, we will constantly adapt our service delivery to: 

  • Reflect all government, healthcare and education advice concerning CV19 and its impact.  
  • Reflect advice from leading healthcare professionals and infection control practitioners.
  • Support new and innovative services; rapid hospital discharges, equipping of temporary facilities and support service users via remote engagements.
  • Provide a resilient and safe operating environment for our employees and customers.

Like many other organisations, the Covid crisis has made us review and adapt our products and services to ensure they continue to serve our customers in our changing world. We have done this by listening to the invaluable information and knowledge gained from the communities we work so hard to support. And as the situation unfolds, we’ll keep listening and adapting our services so that together we can continue to provide the best client care. 

Please keep in touch and let us know where we can assist, we’ll do our very best to help.

Paul H Morton
Chief Commercial Officer
Prism Group