Smirthwaite, a leading designer and manufacturer specialising in bespoke equipment for children and young adults with additional needs, is thrilled to introduce its innovative paediatric car seat, the SIMON Car Seat.

Created to ensure every child feels secure, comfortable, and can relax during the journey. This new product offers first class safety features guaranteed to the latest provisions of UNECE Regulation R129/03. Through a combination of quality, technology, and ergonomics, and input from various experts and parents, an innovative and unique seat has been created.

The SIMON car seat is meticulously crafted to ensure every child feels safe, comfortable, and maintains an optimal position throughout the journey.

By leveraging cutting-edge technological advancements, this seat has been designed by blending quality, technology, and ergonomics seamlessly.

This unique seat is the result of years of extensive research and crash tests in a certified laboratory, collaboration among engineers, material experts, designers, a medical team and parents.

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