We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of our first paediatric car seat assessment this week. UK Commercial Manager Derek York and TPA for the Midlands, Darren McDonald visited a customer’s home to evaluate our innovative SIMON car seat for a 6-year-old, alongside Eve Ovendon, an independent specialist children’s occupational therapist.

The seat dimensions were tailored at the client’s residence to ensure precise sizing before securely installing the car seat in the customer’s vehicle using isofix car seat attachments. This approach guarantees optimal safety for the child when traveling in a moving vehicle, secured by the car seat belt. Among the standout features of this car seat are the extensive range of standard functions that provide support for the child, as well as the user-friendly adjustment and installation process in the car.

The unique tilt and space function allows the seat to be effortlessly tilted back in the car without the need for tools. When it’s time to rotate the child 90 degrees, the seat can be smoothly adjusted to a flat position. This design enables easy rotation towards the door entrance, ensuring a comfortable transfer without any awkward angles for the user.

To discover more about this bespoke product, please contact our customer services or read more here.