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A Freestanding and Highly Supportive Potty Chair

Our Potty Chair has been designed specifically for young children who require assistance with sitting balance and need more reassurance when toileting.  Its freestanding and highly supportive design means that it fits well in nursery, school and home environments.

The sides of the chair provide your child with the privacy they sometimes need whilst toileting.  The handrails help to maintain seating balance.

Potty Aperture

Many potties have a round aperture which can make toileting extremely difficult for children with slightly narrow hips.  Our Potty Chair's aperture has been designed to ensure improved comfort and toileting performance.

Lovingly Created in Devon

As with most of our products, the Potty Chair is lovingly created at our headquarters in Devon using carefully selected materials that not only look great, but also lowers health and safety risks to users.

The chair's wooden frame has anti-microbial properties that ensure surfaces are kept hygienic to help reduce the risk of cross-infection.  This is especially useful in multi-user environments such as nurseries and schools.

Buy Online Today

The Combi is available to buy online today.  Or, if you would like some more support or book a free assessment then call our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help.

We also offer the adaptable Combi chair which combines a seat, potty and a commode.

Size Guide

MeasurementSize 1Size 2Size 3
Code 752575267527
Code for folding version75287529N/A
Seat height (mm)150-330220-430270-450
Seat width (mm)310380475
Set depth (mm)330380430
User weight (kg)354555
Product weight (kg)101113

Colour Ranges

Just Colour range - vinyl

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  • Ocean Blue
  • Rouge
  • Gingersnap
  • Marigold
  • Eden
  • Cobalt (Black)
  • Candy Pink
  • Cool Blue
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Lilac
  • Sea Green
  • Citrus Green
  • Greyfriar
  • Jasmine White

Colours are a guide only and may vary due to limitations of the print process.
Material samples are available upon request. Colour range may change without prior notice, we try to colour match where possible.

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