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IndiGO is a smart, stylish and supportive school chair, ideal for use by teenagers both at school and at home. While delivering the necessary comfort and postural support through its discreet built-in thoracics and lumbar prompt, the chair is also designed to integrate seamlessly into any classroom environment. IndiGO is a smart and stylish chair, ideal for use by teenagers both at school and at home.

IndiGO has been designed for teenagers and adults with mild to moderate postural needs, who want to achieve enhanced independence from their chair. The user operated brake, for instance, puts the user in control of applying and releasing the brakes without needing assistance instantly giving them a sense of independence.  The brake can be fitted on either the left hand or right hand side.

IndiGO is customisable, in either black or blue and sizes 3, 4, 5 or 6 to the needs of the user. For children with moderate needs, we offer a range of accessories that promote correct seating posture. A full range of accessories can be found below. The chair has been designed with both the therapist’s and the child’s needs in mind. All adjustments can be made easily and mostly without tools.

IndiGO has two available back sizes: a low back and a high back. The low back has been designed with social integration in mind and is best suited to a child with mild needs. The high back is more appropriate for a child who may need a harness or extra physical support.

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Key Points

supportive school chair
indigo chairKeith copyrightflip-up footrest

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Size Guide:

MeasurementSize 3Size 4Size 5Size 6
Seat height from floor (mm)490-650490-650490-650490-650
Seat depth (mm)290-370340-420390-470390-520
Seat width (mm)390440490490
Seat angle (prone - supine)87-10087-10087-10087-100
Back angle (prone - supine)90-10590-10590-10590-105
Low back height (mm)370-450420-500420-500420-500
High back height (mm)490-550560-640560-640560-640
Headrest height from top of the backrest (mm)100-200100-200100-200100-200
Armrest height (mm)190-250190-250190-250190-250
Seat to footrest (mm)260-340340-490340-490340-490
Footprint (mm)900 x 740900 x 740900 x 740900 x 740
Max user weight (kg)75100100100
Product weight (kg)25273032

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